First Class Engagement Tools

Check our collection of tools which are developed to increase engagement to your content.


Multiple Choices Question

You can create a multiple choices question for a blog post to poll your readers what is their preferences. For example, if your post is about the top 5 email applications, you can ask the visitor which application she uses.


Yes or No Question

This type of question can help you to figure out if your visitors agree to a specific statement. Usually would place at the end of a post that describes an idea, but it has use cases for placement in the middle of a post.


Subscription Form

Once a visitor picks an option, we save the answer and display a subscribe form with a customized message based on the selected answer. If the visitor enters her email address, we won’t display the subscribe form in future page views anymore.


User Preferences

All the questions you make, are meant to help you progressively understand your users. DooPinio collects all the answers and assigns them to the email address of the user. These are valuable information to personalize your email marketing messages.


Export Email Addresses

All the emails collected from your questions, are yours forever. You are able to view or download all the lead information in CSV format and import them into your favorite email marketing platform to nurture the leads and turn them into customers.