The biggest new news item in 2018

Rapid City, Minn.

— The biggest news item of the year comes from the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

The department has announced that it has decided to begin publishing a new monthly magazine called Gravity Falls Journal.

The announcement is significant because it is the first time a magazine of its kind has been created in the state.

The Gravity Falls publication will publish articles and articles of interest to inmates in a new format that can be read at the prison and outside prison.

It will also offer inmates a chance to connect with others who are incarcerated and learn more about the world outside prison walls.

“We’re not going to be publishing every story in the prison, but we will be publishing a lot of them,” said Tom Vercetti, the department’s corrections editor.

“Our goal is to try and give a wide range of people an outlet to get involved in what they’re doing inside.”

Vercettis department said that it was a decision that came from a number of factors including the need for inmates to be able to connect to outside sources of information.

It said it is working with the Minnesota chapter of the American Association of University Women to ensure that the magazine is appropriate for all people, regardless of age, race, or gender.

Inmates will be able read the magazine from jail, where they can visit other incarcerated people in their care and visit inmates in prison.

The publication will also be available online at the jail.

It’s also available in several other states, including Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Washington.

Vercetts department said it was aware of the criticism of the new publication, but it believes that it will help inform people who are on the outside of the system about their rights.

It added that it believes the magazine will be a valuable resource to inmates who are not in the public eye and who are also trying to make sense of life inside prison.

“It will be an important part of our mission,” Vercotti said.

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