The story of a Jewish girl’s story of survival

This story is part of the Times of Israel series.

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The girl had been adopted and raised by her mother in Israel, but she never dreamed of leaving home.

As a child, she had a hard time understanding her father, a Holocaust survivor.

“I knew he would die.

I knew that if he was killed, I would be the one to die.

That was a very real fear,” she said.

“And I never wanted to leave him.”

The girl lived in a small, ramshackle house in the small village of Beit Hanina in the West Bank.

But one day, after a particularly stormy day, the house caught fire.

The family members rushed inside.

She ran for her life.

“I ran inside, I cried and I ran out of the house,” the girl recalled.

The fire spread and the family members retreated, terrified.

“As I ran outside, I heard this loud explosion, and I looked and saw the flames,” she recalled.

“Then I saw a girl lying on the ground, dead.

I ran into the house and I told the girl to stay there and I would find my mother and her brother.”

In the days after the fire, the family called the police.

The girl was taken to an Israeli hospital where doctors examined her.

“My father died and my mother was still alive,” she recounted.

“There was no other way to find her.

I went and saw my mother.

I saw her, I hugged her and I cried.”

The next day, she told her story.

“The doctor came and saw me, and he asked, ‘You are the girl from the hospital?’

And I said, ‘Yes, I am the girl who was found alive,'” she recalled, adding that she had lost all sense of self-preservation.

“He said, `That is a terrible story.

You are not going to tell anyone about this.

You have no other choice.'”

As the story became more popular, it became even more harrowing.

“It became very difficult to go back to the house because of all the fire,” she remembered.

“The doctor told me that she thought I was dead.”

The boy, who had been raised in the same family, was too traumatized to go to the hospital and tell his parents, so the family decided to keep quiet.

The story of the girl and her mother became a rallying cry for Palestinian youth who say that they are targeted by the Israeli military because they are perceived as collaborators, as spies and as troublemakers.

“We are not collaborators.

We are just a family,” the family member said.”

My father was an honest man, and his family was honest and decent.

I was a girl.

I could not accept this.

I couldn’t accept being killed by my father.

And I thought: My father is not going anywhere.

He is going to live with his mother.”

At the age of seven, the girl was sent to a military camp in the Jordan Valley.

She said the camp was run by a military court system.

“They had to check all the documents that you have.

They had to see you in court and if they didn’t like you, they would just put you in jail,” she explained.

The woman who rescued the girl said she did not want to take part in the military court process.

She was so scared that she did what anyone would do: She ran away.

“But I was really scared, and then I heard that this is how we could find our mother,” she added.

“That we could save our lives.”

The young woman’s mother, who was married to a soldier, took the girl into her home, and when she was older, she gave birth to their son.

The boy’s mother was a medical officer who was stationed in the army hospital.

He told The Times of the Hebrew language that he saw the girl’s face when he first met her.

“It was the face of a woman.

I realized, this girl has not been given a chance to live.

She is the daughter of a soldier.

I told my son, I want you to see that face, she is a beautiful girl, she has the face and the body of a beautiful woman,” he said.

The soldier’s wife told the newspaper that the soldier’s daughter was adopted.

“When he saw me with the child, he asked me, ‘Why didn’t you adopt this child?'” she said, adding: “I didn’t have the courage to say no to him.”

In 2006, when the girl, who now lives in Israel as a citizen, asked the Israeli army for help to bring her father home, she was taken off the battlefield.

The Israeli army put her in a military detention facility.

After her mother died, the young woman, who has now reached adulthood, was reunited with her father.

“But it was difficult,” she told The Israeli newspaper.

“Because I don’t want to tell my

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