What are the big things you do during pregnancy?

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What are some of the big items that you do at this stage of your pregnancy?

What do you do with your maternity leave?

When you leave maternity leave, you are not allowed to work, work from home, or take a holiday.

You are also not allowed into the workplace for a minimum of 12 months.

What is maternity leave for?

What are you entitled to during maternity leave if you are a new mother?

What if you have had surgery, or you have taken a drug, and you do not need to return to work before your 12th month?

What is the minimum time you must return to the workplace before your return?

If you do have to return before your full maternity leave ends, how long does it take to return?

What should you do if you decide to give birth in the early weeks?

If I give birth early, should I expect to be paid for it?

What about a baby who has not yet been born?

How do I pay for a baby?

Are there tax deductions for maternity leave or early birth?

When I give a birth, do I have to report it as income?

If so, when?

What tax treatment do I get?

When do I need to report my income?

How much tax is owed on my maternity leave when I am out of work?

What can I do if I have any questions about maternity leave and tax treatment?

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We may be able to help you.

Please do not email us directly if you do.

The article will be updated as new information becomes available.

What can be done if you cannot afford maternity leave during your maternity period?

You can still work.

If the leave is paid by the employer, you should still be able work during the leave.

If your employer offers maternity leave by the hour, you may be entitled to pay half of the wage.

This means that if you work 40 hours a week during your 12 months of maternity leave (that is, until you return to your employer), you will only be entitled 1.5 hours a day, on average, for each day of paid leave.

But this leaves a big gap: you may not be entitled for the full 12 hours of paid work, if you only work 40 per cent of your normal hours during your paid maternity leave.

For example, if your employer pays you $400 a week, but only offers you half your normal work, you could earn $500 a week while you are away.

You should pay your employer the amount that you need to get by.

For more information about how to work during maternity or paternity leave, read What can you do to pay for childcare during your pregnancy and postpartum?

You are entitled to the same amounts you would pay your partner for the same amount of time during the same period.

You do not have to pay the same rates of income tax on maternity and paternity leave as on full pay.

You may need to pay tax on the amount you receive from your employer.

Some states and territories have different rules about paternity leave.

Find out about paternity pay.

How much will my employer pay me for maternity or parental leave?

You will be paid the amount of your employer’s maternity or parental leave, whichever is less.

If it is less, you will have to repay the amount your employer has paid.

Your employer is responsible for paying you back if you need help with paying.

Find more information on working during your leave.

How do you know if you qualify for paternity leave?

The Federal Government’s WorkCover program provides payments for the cost of caring for and supporting a child or child-related carer if you can’t pay.

The program was introduced in 2013 and will be phased out over three years, with an end date of June 2020.

Find information on how to apply for a WorkCover payment.

If my employer has not provided me with a copy of my maternity or parenting leave entitlement, how do I know whether it’s valid?

If your employment relationship with your employer does not include a contract of employment or an employee benefit agreement, your employment may not meet the conditions of your maternity or mother-in-law leave entitlements.

You must make an application to your employment agency to see if your employment is one that qualifies for WorkCover.

If that agency refuses your

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