How Uber’s new CEO got a chance to drive the company through some rough times

The head of Uber Technologies was invited to the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, but didn’t actually get a chance a meeting that was scheduled for the next day.

That’s a big loss for the company, which lost more than $1 billion in the first quarter, the first time it has lost as much as that.

CEO Travis Kalanick also missed out on a chance for a meeting with the company board.

The meeting was set to be held at the offices of the brokerage firm where Kalanicks family works.

Instead, he was invited in the lobby.

The company’s board had decided to keep Kalanicky out of the meeting.

In a statement, the board said Kalanicks meeting was not an opportunity for discussion on “any matters.”

“Uber has been a part of the financial and social landscape for many years, and our commitment to delivering the best ride experience for our riders remains steadfast,” the statement said.

“However, we are very disappointed in the timing of this event, as we want to address the concerns raised in the shareholder letter and have a more substantive discussion on the company and the company leadership.”

Kalanisky and his wife, Sheryl, have been at the forefront of Uber’s ride-hailing revolution, making billions of dollars in investments, including a $2 billion investment last year in Uber’s driverless technology.

The pair has also worked to improve safety and customer experience for riders.

Uber has been in the headlines a lot lately as it struggles with allegations that it discriminated against black drivers.

But Kalaninksi also had to grapple with questions about Uber’s future amid a wave of protests by drivers and others against what they say is a lack of fair treatment by the company.

Kalanikksi took over the reins of Uber in October after CEO Travis Ford left for a role at Google.

Ford left Uber in April to head Google.

He has said that he’s stepping down from his role as CEO at the end of the year.

He did not respond to a request for comment.

Kalancksi is now overseeing Uber’s business and regulatory affairs.

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