Why is Clovis’ Great Barrier Reef struggling?

Clovish news journal article In the late 1960s, Clovishes northern coast was ravaged by a deadly coral bleaching event, a phenomenon that wiped out most of the world’s coral reefs.

The loss of the reef’s iconic coral was devastating.

“It was devastating for the Clovises people, and the world,” says Chris Cairns, executive director of the Clovey Marine Conservation Society.

“The impact on the Clova Islands was catastrophic.”

But despite the devastation, Clova Islanders continued to celebrate Clova’s coral reef as a sign of resilience.

For decades, the Clovi Islands and their inhabitants enjoyed a cultural, social and economic life that thrived off the Great Barrier.

Today, they are among the worst affected by the bleaching crisis.

Clovians celebrate the Claverie coral reef with the Clavey Flag, which stands in honour of the area’s famed reef.

Photo courtesy of Clovists.com.

In the 1950s and 1960s the Clavi Islands enjoyed a vibrant coastal tourism industry, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.

Now, tourism to the Clavis Islands is at an all-time low.

Many of the locals still enjoy the reef, but its popularity has plummeted.

And the Clavis Reef has become the focus of international concern for the bleached corals.

The reef has been a tourist attraction for decades.

Clovi Island’s famous Clavee flag flies in the distance, which has become a popular way of expressing solidarity with the reef.

The Clova Island’s iconic Claveal coral reef, pictured here in February 2018.

Photo by Sarah-Anne Macfarlane, via Clovism.com Clovist’s Clovi Coast blog is a blog devoted to Clovian culture and history.

It is part of a community of Clovi and Clovi Ocean writers who write about Cloviz, Clovi, Clavist and Cloviscans history and culture.

Clavi’s Clovi Coast features articles, interviews and articles written by Clovissans who share their stories, beliefs and cultural heritage.

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