‘They don’t know where to start’: A journal

on the protests in Houston article By BBC News article Houston, Texas – The US State Department has called on protesters to stop and stop and not to harm anyone in the city.

It is one of the first US cities to get the green light from the Department of Homeland Security for the protests, and the first in the world.

The demonstrations are aimed at demanding an end to the deadly police response to the demonstrations last week, which killed five and injured more than 100.

They are expected to take place over two days, starting on Monday.

Protests are part of an international movement called #BlackLivesMatter, which is calling for justice for the black people killed in the police response.

US President Donald Trump has been criticised for his response to protests in Texas, which saw police use rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators.

The protests started peacefully, but the US military has since been criticised by some of its own troops for failing to protect the troops.

Protesters in Houston said they have been arrested at least five times during the protests and had their property vandalised.

They have been asked to leave the area but the city has denied the request.

The Houston police department has been under pressure from local residents for days.

The police department on Monday said that there were no violent or disruptive individuals during the demonstrations.

It said it had a team of more than 20 officers on the scene to make sure everyone in the area was safe.

The department has also issued a statement saying they had received a complaint from the local NAACP office.

It added: “There were no violations of any law, and we will take appropriate action against those who are responsible.”

Protests against the police actions have been taking place in Houston for more than a week.

The US government says the demonstrations are peaceful, but protesters in Houston have complained that they have had to pay fines of $3,500 (£2,800) for their failure to disperse.

On Sunday night, demonstrators chanted slogans about racial injustice and racial inequality.

The Department of State has now released a video to show what the protesters are calling the “full spectrum” of issues that they want addressed.

It says the video, released on Saturday, shows the protests on a “vastly different” scale from previous demonstrations.

Some protesters have been wearing masks.

Others have been carrying placards that say: “I want the whole city, the entire state of Texas to know that the police have been unjustified, that the city of Houston has been unjustifiably targeted, that Houston will continue to be a city of peace, of justice, of love and of love for all.”

The video also shows protesters wearing the American flag.

Protesters said they were not protesting for racial injustice, but they were protesting against the use of the police to target black people.

The American flag is also seen at the side of a protester, as the crowd chant, “Black lives matter.”

Police and demonstrators clash near the US Capitol in Washington, DC, in April 2020.

Protesters are protesting against President Donald Trumps decision to ban Muslims from entering the US in an effort to control the country’s largest Muslim community.

In an address to the nation, Mr Trump called for a nationwide crackdown on protesters.

“It’s time for us to end this senseless cycle of violence that has no place in our country, and it’s time to end the senseless cycle where some people are murdered on the street because they are protesting, and others are gunned down,” he said.

“And it’s going to end with the arrests, the charges, the trials, and finally, the convictions.

It’s going a long way to healing the wounds of all those killed and wounded.”

In a statement, the Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said: “As OIG is the only federal agency charged with enforcing federal laws, OIG reviews OIG reports on the effectiveness of OIG activities and makes recommendations for the Department to implement and implement.

We take all reports of OVI activity very seriously and have made specific recommendations to the Department on our review of our work.”

Protesters in New York, which has had its fair share of protests, have also been targeted with fines and other punishment.

The New York Times reported on Friday that some protesters were issued summonses for failing not to disperse in a demonstration.

It also reported that the New York Police Department has been told by the US Department of Justice that the department will not pursue criminal charges against protesters in New Orleans.

On Monday, the US State House in Washington was also set to vote on the bills that would make it harder for protesters to move from place to place and impose fines on those who refuse to disperse peacefully.

“I’m sick of being lied to.

They lied us.

They told us we could be arrested,” said one protester who identified himself as Muhammad.

“They lied us to kill us.

I am tired of them lying us.

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