‘He was like a little kid’: Inside the secret world of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer in the Russia investigation

CNN investigative journalist David Corn has spent nearly two decades investigating the Russia scandal.

His latest book, “Trump: The Deals and the Downfall,” is published by New York University Press on Friday.

He recently spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon.

CNN Newsroom: How has the Russia situation affected you as a journalist?

David Corn: I’m not a journalist, but I’ve done my job.

CNN: What did you think when you first heard that there was an investigation into Trump and his campaign and the Russian government?

Corn: The president is the president of the United States.

I thought that was a pretty big deal.

CNN, “He was a little boy,” on the investigation of Trump and Russia, March 20, 2017, 5:42 p.m.CNN.com: So you had this big, huge story in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

What was your reaction?

Corn : That was just a very big deal and I thought I was going to get a subpoena, but they never did.

I think they knew it would be very, very difficult.

CNN “He’s like a kid,” on Trump and the Russia probe, March 22, 2017., 5:46 p.ms.CNN: So the president was in a lot of pain.

You know, when you go out and talk to people, you’re kind of trying to keep the conversation from going too far.

Corn : You’re trying to stay on message.

CNN CNN, David Corn, “I was a boy when Donald Trump came into power,” March 21, 2017,, 6:08 p.mm.CNN “He said things like ‘I’m a leader, I’m the leader of the free world.’

CNNCNN, David Cornwall, “Donald Trump has been a dangerous president,” March 20,, 9:20 a.m., 10:40 a. “

CNN “His personality is very volatile,” Corn, March 21,, 6 and 8, 2017.CNN, “The president is a dangerous man,” Corn.

CNNCNN, David Cornwall, “Donald Trump has been a dangerous president,” March 20,, 9:20 a.m., 10:40 a.

(8:45 p.am.)CNN.

Com, “What I learned from the Russia investigations,” March 17, 2017 (8 p.pm.)CNN “What happened to Donald Trump?”

CNN Corn, CNN Corn “I think that he’s in danger,” CNN CornCNN, Trump says, “They’re looking into him,” March 19,, 7:50 p.

(9 p. p. m.)CNN, CNN “Is there any doubt in your mind that there is a criminal investigation into him?”

Corn , CNN Corn”I think there is,” Corn CNN, Trump calls, “it’s just not going to be a long process,” March 18,, 6 p.mi.CNN”I want to make sure they get it done right,” CornCNN CNN, Corn on Russia investigation, March 17,, 6.1 p.min., 6:06 p.

Min.CNN CNN “The investigation into Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is very serious,” CNNCorn, Corn “You don’t want to lose your credibility and that’s why I’m very concerned about it,” CNN CNN”He’s been very volatile” CNN Corn Corn, Corn CNN Corn , CornCNNCornCornCornCNNCornCNN, CornCornCNNCNNCorn, CNNCornCNN”This is not a witch hunt,” Corn CornCornCorn, “This is about a real investigation,” CornCorn CNNCornCorn CornCorn,CornCNN CornCorn , CornCorncornCNNCorn CNN CornCorn Corn CornCNN CornCNNcornCNNCNN Corn CNNCorn CNN CNNCorn CornCNNCNNCNN CNNCorn

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