How to be a healthier man or woman with your family

By Katie Burden / CNN Contributor / Staff WriterIn recent years, we have seen a proliferation of men who seem to feel comfortable in their own skin.

They are not ashamed to have a penis, or even to show it, and are often willing to discuss and debate the topic in public.

In a world where men are not expected to feel the same as women, some men are even finding their own masculinity to be challenged.

They have a different approach to their masculinity that is more focused on physical fitness and the role of women in their lives.

Men who choose to pursue this new approach to masculinity are often called “the guys” for their willingness to take on roles that are traditionally associated with the feminine.

Men who embrace the role have the confidence and ability to assert themselves in their relationships with their women.

It’s a new type of masculinity that has the potential to transform the way we live our lives and define who we are.

We spoke to men who are embracing their masculinity, whether it be as a man or as a woman.

We asked: What is it about your masculinity that you find so challenging?

What is your approach to your masculinity?

What are some of the challenges you face when you express your masculinity in public?

How do you express it?

How do you deal with people’s reactions?

How does this fit into your relationship with your women?

What do you like about being a man?

What about being an individual?

What makes you feel comfortable with who you are?

Do you have a secret to share about who you want to be?

If you’re a man, what would you say to someone who asks you what you want in life?

If a woman asks you, “What do men do?”, what do you say?

And how do you approach those who ask those questions?

Why are men often reluctant to acknowledge their masculinity in society?

We asked men, who are known as “the boys” or “the grown-ups” for the way they present themselves in the workplace, to share their thoughts on the topic.

This interview was conducted by Katie Burdick, Katie B.A. at The College of William and Mary, with assistance from Rachel E. Dennison, an assistant professor at The School of Social Work at The University of Virginia.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer.

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