How to lock your blood journal

article Posted by Guardian News Service on Sunday, January 24, 2020 13:39:07For many people, the journal lock is the last piece of the puzzle before they can access their blood bank accounts.

But the lock can be a barrier to access.

For Peter Fiddich, director of the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) Blood Banking Council, lock up journals can make it harder for patients to access vital information about their blood.

“You may be worried about your blood bank being hacked, so locking down the lock makes it easier for you to access that data,” Mr Fiddoch said.

“But you can also be worried that someone could be in there and take your blood samples without your knowledge.”

Mr Fiddick said he was surprised by how many people had lock-up journals.

“We’re hearing from people who are worried about losing their blood,” he said.”[They] would like to be able to have their blood available to them.”

Blood bank staff in Sydney’s north-west told us lock-ups had made it difficult to access their accounts.

“It’s made a huge difference in how often we’ve had to contact our blood bank,” one woman told the ABC.

“A lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to access it at all because they’ve locked it up.”

Mr Karp, from the Blood Bank Association of New South Wales, said he had seen many people with lock-downs lock up their journals in their own home, even though they had locked up their blood accounts.

Mr Kars said people needed to know that blood banks were open 24 hours a day and that they could access their records from their lock-down journal.

“They need to be informed that blood banking is available 24 hours and that it’s a safe place,” Mr Kars told the National Blood Service.

“The blood bank is not a lock-in place.”

Mr Hines, from The Blood Foundation, said locking down journals made it harder to access critical information.

“There are lots of people who need to have access to their blood to prevent infection,” he told the broadcaster.

“People are worried they won’t be able get access to it, so lock up your journal, it makes you more secure.”

Mr Hartley, the AMA’s Blood Banking Counsellor, said many people who locked down their journals needed to have an appointment with their blood service provider to check if they were eligible for blood banking.

“Most people have got an appointment in about a fortnight or two weeks’ time, so they can check if their blood is eligible for access to blood banking,” he explained.

“However, they need to check it in person with a blood service.”

Mr Raine, from Blood Foundation Australia, said people who were locked up had to make a full medical history.

“If you’ve got a history of getting blood on you, you need to go to your blood service and see what’s going on with your blood and if it’s going to be OK for you, so you can get access,” he added.

“That’s a bit of a long-term commitment to be locked up for.”


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