How did the Orlando Business Journal get its start?

Journal News and the Orlando Gazette are two of the most important newspapers in Florida, and they have been publishing a steady stream of investigative stories for years.

The Orlando Business journal was founded in 2011 by Frankfort resident and former reporter and current writer Eric Johnson.

The two co-founded the paper in 2014 after being friends for many years.

Their first editor, John Hultquist, wrote an award-winning feature story about a local business.

When the Florida Legislature passed a bill in 2014 to make it easier for business owners to file for bankruptcy, the Florida Business Journal published an article detailing the consequences of filing for bankruptcy.

The piece also included a list of other ways to escape the legal and financial burden of filing bankruptcy.

In the years since, the paper has published more than 200 investigative stories, with stories covering a wide range of topics.

One of those articles has become the subject of an internal investigation by the Orlando newspaper, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

The investigation is underway and the investigation into the publication of the story is ongoing.

The Sentinel obtained a copy of the investigation document, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In the investigation, the Sentinel interviewed Johnson and Hultqvist, who both declined to comment.

The newspaper also reached out to Johnson, who said he was not aware of the internal investigation.

The Florida Business journal did not respond to a request for comment.

Johnson was previously the editor of the Orlando Sentinel’s investigative blog, The Florida Times-Union.

He also worked as the Tampa Bay Times’ investigative reporter.

He is currently the lead investigative reporter for the Orlando Sun.

He previously worked for the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Herald, Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Review.

It is unclear if the Florida Journal of Commerce is connected to the investigation.

A recent investigative report on the Florida Gazette also highlighted concerns that the paper may be taking money from local businesses.

A former employee said that when the paper was looking for a publisher, the newspaper found an advertisement for Johnson’s Florida Business Review, and then it started publishing articles on Johnson’s work.

“I just wanted to tell you, that’s one of the things that really shocked me,” the former employee told the Orlando Herald in 2015.

“He’s been in the business for 15 years, and he’s never been in business before, and yet he’s getting paid by the newspaper.”

The former employee, who asked not to be named, also said that the newspaper may have been selling articles to businesses for the same reasons that the investigation revealed.

There have been other cases of investigative journalism that have caused a rift with the newspaper’s editorial board, including a 2014 story on a former mayor who was accused of bribery.

That story, written by a former editor, resulted in the resignation of the newspaper editor, the Tampa Tribune reported.

An internal investigation also found that the Florida Daily News and a local newspaper in Florida had used their position to pressure a local restaurant owner to fire two reporters, and that the former editor and a former reporter had had “contemptuous and derogatory” conversations with each other about the story.

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