Why is the NBA so damn bad?

Atlas | September 25, 2018 | By Matt Lauer The NBA is so bad that the league doesn’t even have a website yet.

We can’t even start the season without a new season announcement, because no one cares.

We’re all supposed to just go to bed and forget about this whole NBA season and forget the entire season.

It’s all in the name of the season, we’re told.

It’s a silly name.

Every team has to play two games in the first half, and we’re supposed to forget about the rest of the game.

No one really cares.

We’re supposed, like, to just forget about it and not even look at the score or anything.

There are three reasons for this.

First, the NBA doesn’t have a name for a season.

There’s only one season in the NBA and it starts in the fourth quarter.

Second, no one’s even trying to create a new year.

They’re just keeping it the same year.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the first week of the new season or the third week.

The NBA has to make the playoffs, which means we all have to sit down and watch the same thing, which is a lot like watching a baseball game.

The only difference is we don’t have to see all of the players in uniform.

Third, no matter what we’re doing in the morning, no team has an official scorer.

It all depends on what team the game is on.

So what happens when all the teams play?

They all get to choose their starters, which makes sense.

Every team has two starters, and if there’s no first-stringer, the team with the most wins gets to pick its first-round pick.

So what does that mean?

There’s a reason why there are only two teams with first- and second-round picks in the draft.

The teams with the least number of wins in the season are allowed to pick their own starters, so they can pick the best player they want to take in the middle of the first round.

That makes it more likely that one of the teams in the bottom three or four will get to pick a first-rounder, but it also makes it less likely that any team will get a first rounder, so the first-choice team is basically picking their own players.

The NBA’s decision to keep the regular season schedule in place is one of those stupid decisions that makes the game look better than it really is.

It makes the season feel more like a basketball exhibition than anything.

In the real NBA, every team plays twice a week.

When the playoffs are announced, it’s usually to announce the first games.

That’s because, well, it has to be announced.

The last time the NBA did it was last year, when the teams got together to work out their matchups.

They made up some rules and all that, but the NBA hasn’t had a chance to make any changes.

What about the NBA’s schedule for the playoffs?

Well, it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

It goes back to what we said earlier about not having a name.

The first four games are played every year, and every game in the regular-season is played on Thursday nights.

That means the first game of the regular cycle is played Saturday.

The third game of each round is played Sunday.

The fourth game of any round is usually played on Monday.

The playoffs are usually the same schedule every year.

And the NBA schedules are always a mess, so it’s hard to know what games will actually make it to the playoffs.

The league doesn�t release the schedule of every game that will be played.

We know that most games are on the road, and the only way to find out if a game is actually going to be on the court is to watch it on TV.

If you go to a regular- season game in January, you’ll notice that the games are usually played in the afternoon.

The second game is usually in the late afternoon.

Most games are a mix of home and away, but there are some games that are played at home in the summer.

The biggest difference between the regular and the postseason is that the playoffs will always be played in a different city than the regular league.

The rest of this is just a weird mess that doesn’t give us any sense of who’s going to win the championship.

A lot of people have a hard time figuring out what to do with this year�s NBA schedule.

The schedule makes no sense.

And every team in the league gets to play three games in a row, so there’s a good chance it’s not the best schedule in the world.

I mean, we�re supposed to be celebrating the season with the playoffs in January.

But we should also be celebrating that season by going to bed early on Friday, when all of us have to watch the first three games of the year

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