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The Jerusalem Times: Jerusalem and the world’s most populated city – home to about one million people – is a city where the word “is” and the word “(israel)” are interchangeable.

In the Middle East, there is a difference in how you hear the word Israel.

You might think you know it, or maybe you think you’re a Jew but that’s not always the case.

The phrase “Israel” has been used by Arabs for millennia, from the earliest Hebrew to the present day.

It’s also used by Jews, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs, among others.

It’s a word that has an association with people who are different.

It has a connotation of being in conflict with others, and it’s a term that is associated with Jews and with the Jewish people.

Israel is the capital of Israel.

The capital is also the symbol of the Jewish state.

The name Israel was the first Hebrew word for a Jewish homeland, and its origin is a matter of debate among scholars.

“The Jewish state is not defined by ethnicity,” says Shaul Yochai-Berl, a Hebrew language professor at Bar Ilan University in Israel.

“It is the Jewish homeland that is defined by the Torah and the laws.”

Yochai Berl is a Hebrew-language professor at the Bar Ilor University in Jerusalem.

He is also a columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and is known for his nuanced views.

For instance, in a recent op-ed piece for Haaretz, he wrote that the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination was enshrined in the state’s constitution.

And the term “Israelis” is also used to describe Arabs who do not share the same culture and language.

Israel’s Jewish identity has also been a contentious issue.

Many Arabs and Muslims see the state of Israel as an extension of their own Islamic faith.

The Jewish state has always denied this accusation.

But in recent years, some Palestinians and other Arabs have expressed support for the right to statehood, and Israel has welcomed them with open arms.

The Israeli government also allows foreign students from Arab countries to study in Israel without fear of persecution.

And in recent weeks, some Israeli Jews have begun to openly talk about their opposition to the statehood of Palestinians, even as they embrace the right of return.

According to Yocha, the right-wing Israeli government’s support for Palestinian rights has a double meaning.

First, it is the right, Yochaim said, to protect Israel from “the Zionist project,” a reference to the colonization of the West Bank and Gaza.

The second is the support for Arab and Muslim rights.

Yocha said the Israeli government is not doing enough to protect the Palestinian citizens of the State of Israel from the onslaught of Israeli racism.

“The Arab community is facing the most difficult time in the world today, and for us, this is an issue that is particularly urgent,” he said.

But Yochais view of the Palestinian rights movement is not unique.

Many Arab Israelis also share his sentiment that the right is the most important issue facing the country.

Last month, a group of Arab Israelis held a rally in the southern city of Safed to demand the government’s end to the occupation and return of the land occupied by Israel.

They called for the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

On April 15, a rally for Palestinians in the central Israeli city of Tel Aviv was held by a group that included some Arab Israelis, including Yochi.

The rally was organized by a movement called B’Tselem, a Jewish organization that fights anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda.

The group says it is committed to promoting a “just, democratic, and egalitarian society” and that “the rights of the Palestinians must be upheld.”

But B’Imelem, which has called on the Israeli authorities to end the occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories, is not an official organization.

And some Arab groups say it is not representative of the Arab community.

A statement released by the B’Imma organization, which is part of the group, said the rally was held to call for the unconditional return of all Palestinian refugees and the restoration of their homes.

B’Isma did not respond to a request for comment.

But Yechai-Bers position is not without precedent.

When the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 194 in 2006, calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state, it also supported the right for the Palestinians to return to their land.

Arab leaders, like many other Israelis, have also criticized the resolution.

Last year, they said that it could result in a major deterioration in relations with the United States and other countries.

The UN has not endorsed the resolution, but the Security Council has called for a new vote on the issue.

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