Which is more effective: the bullet journal or the digital calendar?

The digital calendar is the best, said Mr. O’Keefe, and the bullet has become the kingmaker.

“You get your email from your bullet journal,” he said.

“But if you go into the calendar, you get it all at once.”

He said people who are working from home often use the bullet to stay connected with colleagues.

“They have an app on their phone that gives them the time,” he added.

Some people use it to make appointments with family and friends and work from home.

“It’s a great way to do things,” said Mr!

Keefe, who is also the co-founder of the online marketing company, eCrum.

“There are a lot of people who don’t have a computer at home who use it, but it’s a tool to help you stay connected.”

The digital bullet calendar app, called eBullet, has been downloaded more than 40 million times in Canada.

The calendar also includes links to other bullet journal apps, including the online version of the bullet.

It also allows users to share their work with others, which can be a valuable way to share work.

“The more people you can share your work with, the more you’ll be able to get people to collaborate with you and work on your projects,” Mr.!

Keefe said.

He said he also finds it useful to share projects with others on LinkedIn.

“I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn.

It’s too crowded,” he admitted.

“We’ve had some pretty amazing projects come to life with it.”

Mr. !

Keefe said the calendar is free, and it’s easy to use.

“People are coming to the website and it gives them a way to show that they care about their work and how it fits in with their schedule,” he explained.

He also noted that he has a group of friends who use the calendar.

“One of them just got married.

He had his wedding on the calendar,” Mr!

Keefe said.

Another group of his friends also uses the bullet calendar, but they use it more to keep in touch with each other and get help with their projects.

“Sometimes, we’ll be in the office, and I’ll go to the office and see what’s going on, and then we’ll all go back to the bullet,” he noted.

“And then I’ll have all these people that are at work and they’re just hanging out and we’re all in this circle of people.”


Keefe also has some friends who are using the bullet on their iPhones.

“So they can actually see what I’m working on,” he joked.

“Because I’m not in my office and I can’t go out.”

A year and a half ago, Mr. Keefe began his own business, The Bullet Journal, to help people create bullet calendars.

The website launched in November.

“Most of our clients are not tech people.

They’re people who have a creative side and they just want to get organized,” he says.

The Bullet journal is a way for people to keep track of their projects, and Mr!KKeefe has used the website to connect with clients and share his work.

He estimates his website has about 3,000 visitors a month.

“If I were to start it up and it were just a regular website, I wouldn’t be able do anything,” he admits.

“This is where the audience is.

I want to reach this audience.”

With files from The Canadian Press

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