‘Science is the ultimate weapon’: Researchers at MIT say they’re inventing a new form of nuclear weapon

MIT researchers say they’ve invented a new type of nuclear device that could replace the conventional weapons used to fight a conventional war.

And they’re hoping to make it widely available.

The MIT team said they’ve successfully built and tested a miniaturized, lightweight, and highly destructive device that can destroy small-scale nuclear weapons and small-size conventional weapons.

Their research, which was published in the journal Science, was funded by a U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency grant.

The team’s device is the first to use a super-strong material to make an atomic nucleus.

It could also be used to make nuclear warheads smaller than a football field.

“It’s the most powerful device that we’ve ever made,” said Robert Neely, an associate professor of physics and director of the Center for Nuclear and Biological Studies at MIT.

“It’s not the largest device that I know of.

It’s the one we think is the most dangerous.”

Neely said he and his colleagues have spent years trying to figure out how to build a device that would be both compact enough to fit inside a vehicle and also highly destructive.

In the past, scientists have tried to use nuclear weapons to destroy large structures or other large objects.

But Neely and his team have found a way to make the bomb smaller than nuclear bombs have ever been.

Neely and others believe that the technology can be used in small amounts to cause the destruction of small nuclear weapons.

For example, if the bomb were to be dropped on a small target, Neely said it would be difficult to detect the impact because the object would not be as massive as a large object.

Neely’s team is working on a larger version of their device.

Nuclear bombs, called nuclear-tipped thermonuclear weapons, are designed to be detonated at a distance and then explode a large amount of energy.

A conventional weapon is a bomb that is dropped on another object, typically a target.

The smaller the target, the smaller the nuclear blast, and the smaller it is the less likely the target will be hit.

Neenys team is using a process known as fission, which involves splitting a material, such as uranium or plutonium, into smaller pieces that are then combined into smaller particles that are detonated in a nuclear explosion.

Nuclear bombs typically weigh between 300 pounds and 600 pounds.

The new device is a small version of the miniaturization that has already been used in nuclear weapons that have been designed and tested, Neenys said.

The team’s miniaturizing process involves using a high-temperature supercritical metal catalyst to remove small amounts of uranium from a material.

The metal catalyst is used to heat the uranium in the reaction and then cool it so that it does not react with other atoms in the material.

Nuclear fusion occurs when two or more nuclei of different elements react to form a single nucleus.

This fusion generates electricity and magnetic fields.

Nemanja Vlasic, a physicist at the University of Michigan who is not part of the research team, said the device could be used for a variety of uses.

The device could replace conventional weapons as a means of destroying small-sized conventional weapons, he said.

Neeny said the team is looking to commercialize the device.

“I think that it’s a really exciting device,” he said of the device, adding that it is a first step toward making it more useful and safer.

The researchers are developing a small device that is less than 5 pounds, but is still a “large” bomb, he added.

The bomb can be loaded onto a vehicle, but not be dropped.

The small device could also have applications beyond the battlefield.

It can be detonated in the environment, he noted.

Nuke, the nuclear weapons system that Neely is developing, is an energy-producing nuclear weapon that can be launched by a nuclear missile or an aircraft.

The system, which has been used by countries around the world, is designed to deliver a payload of explosives or other deadly weapons at an enemy or civilian target.

Nemanja Gicic, who heads up research for the United States and Britain at the Institute of Advanced Strategic Studies at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I., said the new device could work with nuclear weapons, but that it might not be the same as the system that Britain used in the 1990s to attack Iraq.

The research team also hopes to build small nuclear bombs, but the technology is not yet ready for commercial use.

The researchers plan to start developing the miniature bomb later this year, but are waiting to see how it will perform in the battlefield, Nemanka said.

Nematite, a highly reactive element, is the base metal of nuclear weapons materials.

The material is extremely light, yet can withstand temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nemenja Vlaic said the research project has taken a step forward by developing a new technique for

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