How to use a solar-powered car to save money in Israel

A solar-car could become an economic necessity for Israel as soon as it begins using the sun to power its cars.

The technology is already used in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, and it is also being rolled out across the country, with more cities expected to follow suit.

The Israeli technology is called photovoltaic (PV) solar, and is designed to produce energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional electricity.

It is more efficient and more cost-effective than wind and hydroelectric power, and can be installed in a large number of cities around the country.

Solar panels are mounted on vehicles, such as cars, and charged via a solar panel, and are designed to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity.

In a typical home, the panels are connected to a wall outlet.

A typical solar car, with a rooftop PV system.

Solar power is cheap, but the panels require expensive, high-tech equipment and equipment that could be expensive in many places, such the US, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, said the Israeli entrepreneur.

The idea is that by adding solar panels to cars, the electricity generated from the sun is cheaper and it can be distributed to local communities, said Efraim Katz, an Israeli-born Israeli journalist who is known for his innovative writing.

The car is now being tested in the Tel Aviv area and will be tested more widely throughout Israel, Katz told the newspaper.

The project has already made headlines, and in some cases, sparked debate.

Some Israelis are unhappy that the government has yet to invest in solar power.

A recent survey by the Israel Solar Foundation showed that 72% of Israelis don’t want to pay for solar power, compared to only 12% in the US.

Katz, who also co-founded a company called Bimodal Solar, hopes that in the future, the technology will be adopted more widely, and that it will become the norm.

A solar car is a car with an electrical power supply attached to it, and the driver uses a laptop computer to control the vehicle and charge its batteries.

The vehicle has no batteries, and its battery capacity depends on how much sunlight it receives.

If the vehicle receives too much sunlight, the battery may not fully charge, Katz said.

The driver can then charge his vehicle remotely and switch to an electric power source if he so chooses, he said.

He said the car could also be used for things such as delivering goods or running errands, and could even be used to run electric vehicles, like the one used by Uber in Israel.

As the technology becomes available, Katz hopes to start charging the car, which is also a way to cut down on energy consumption, he added.

The government has committed $50 million toward the project, and Israeli lawmakers are expected to vote in the coming months on the technology.

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