How the elephants got to be in the journal that got this story?

The elephants that have been living in the wild for generations are the first to have their stories told by an elephant journal.

It was published in 2010.

The journal, called the Elephants of the World, is part of the Elephant Journal Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving elephants’ unique stories, conservation status, and the species’ future.

The magazine, which was named in honor of its namesake, has a number of prominent conservationists, including the late Richard Milne, the first elephant trainer to successfully train elephants in captivity.

Milne died in 2014.

He was the first African to win the Nobel Prize in science for his work on elephant conservation.

The book of stories is part science fiction and part memoir.

They’re not the kind of book that’s supposed to make the average person think about the animals they live with, but it does a lot for people to hear the stories of elephants living in their lives, said Deborah L. Shaughnessy, the author of the book.

The elephant journal is a place where they can share the stories that they’ve been told, and there are stories that don’t have to be told to make it a story.

It has the potential to be a platform for them to say, ‘I don’t want to be one of these people who just want to read a book, because I’ve read so many books about elephants,’ she said.

This is a very exciting opportunity for people of all ages to go into a very real place where you have an opportunity to see elephants in the world and to really understand them, and also, as elephants, to get to know each other.

The elephants have been known to share stories of their lives in the past, and now that the book has been published, Shaughnessesy said she hopes the book can serve as a catalyst for a broader conversation about elephant conservation in the future.

“The elephant journals are not just a place to look at animals, they’re a place of learning, of sharing,” she said, adding that people should also feel inspired by the stories and be inspired by them.

“I think that it’s a wonderful opportunity for young people, and young adults, to understand the elephants that they see, and to get excited about what elephants are capable of.”

The book is available in hardcover and Kindle formats.

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