How to write about your work in the paper

In order to keep your work on the cutting edge, it’s important to get it out into the world.

And with a new paper published in Science, that’s what authors Emily Witherspoon and Rachel Weil have done.

In a piece for The Washington Post, Withersons essay “The power of science writing” discusses the importance of scientific writing in getting it out there.

Science is an important medium for communication and research, but it’s also a way to get people thinking, Weil wrote, and that’s why science writing is so important.

“The goal is to provide a guide to what to say, how to say it, and how to think about it.”

And that, she writes, is how a paper can be a valuable contribution to the field of science communication.

“It’s a very effective way of getting a message out into an audience, but not just any message, which is a big difference between an article in a scientific journal and an article written by a doctor in a hospital.”

It’s also an important way to promote science.

“By writing in science, you’re making science accessible,” Weil says.

“If you’re not writing in a journal, then the science is not accessible to the public.

If you’re writing in your journal, that science is accessible to your audience, which you don’t want to be doing.”

In a study conducted by the Institute for Creative Technologies, researchers asked readers to rate the importance they thought scientific articles placed on their minds.

The results showed that when a scientist’s paper was cited, they rated it as highly important.

Witherstone and Weil are currently working on a paper that will look at how to improve the way science writing and research are presented online.

Witherington notes that it’s easy to make a scientific paper into a social media hit, but what about an article that just seems right?

“I think the next time you’re talking about how you wrote the article, ask yourself: Is this an article of mine?

Is it a piece of work that I did for my research?” says Withersmith.

“I can’t tell you how many people would say that if I were the author, because it’s hard to write a piece that doesn’t have a scientist in it.”

Read More “Science writing should be a collaborative effort,” she adds.

“And it’s really important that when you write, you think through your ideas and try to make sure you’re engaging with your audience.

Science writing can be as much a conversation as a scientific project.”

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