College grads now outperforming their parents in job opportunities

WASHINGTON Business Journal star corry article ‘The world has changed so much in the last decade, and the future of our nation will be shaped by the outcomes of the next generation,’ Corry said.

He said the country has come a long way since the end of the Great Depression and the end to the Cold War.

‘The American dream has been reclaimed and our society has been rediscovered.’

I think the greatest legacy of this great American experiment is the fact that we have more than a thousand colleges and universities now that are thriving, and they are more diverse and more innovative than ever before.’

These are some of the most well-known universities in the world, and we have created an opportunity for the next generations to take advantage of what has happened in our society, and to take the best ideas from across the globe, and bring them to Australia.’

Professor Corry has worked as a writer, a teacher and a business consultant.

He was a former deputy editor of the Canberra Times, a columnist for the Canberra Citizen, a reporter for the ABC and the editor of several newspapers in the south.

He also holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism and was a professor at University of Sydney.

‘This is a country of immigrants, and I am very proud to be Australian and to be a part of the community that has welcomed my children into our families,’ he said.

‘I want them to have the opportunity to build a successful future.’

Australia has the greatest wealth and opportunity of any country in the global community, Corry told the Business Journal.

‘We have the greatest ability to attract and retain talent.’

What we’ve done is made it easier for people to come here, but what we’ve also done is created an environment where they are able to thrive.’

We have had so many talented people come here to study and to work, and now they’re able to get a job, and make money.’

Professor Jody Corry was a deputy editor for the Australian newspaper, Canberra Citizen.

He held a Bachelor in journalism from the University of Canberra.

Picture: Daniel Munoz for News Corp. ‘The next generation will be the ones who will make Australia great again’ Professor Corries first book, ‘The Future of Australia: How the world has transformed’, will be published by New Press in 2018.

He has written six other books on topics ranging from the economic future to global health, education and education policy.

‘Our next generation is the ones we have been waiting for,’ he told the News Corp Breakfast.

‘They will be our future leaders.’

Corry said the book will focus on ‘what it means to be an Australian’ and what that means to a young person.

He described it as ‘a journey of life, death and hope’ and said the aim was to help students get an understanding of how to get ahead in life.’

The book will tell the story of how the world of today has transformed from a very different place to the world we know today,’ he added.’

In the 21st century, Australia has had a very successful decade.

Australia has been on a path to becoming a global economic power, the most prosperous country in Western Europe, a world leader in education and a world-leading university.

But what we also have is the opportunity for our next generation to be the leaders of a new, better Australia.’

The Business Journal Star Corry article comes after the publication of Corry’s first book last year.

It was called ‘A New Australian Dream: How Australia is Changing, and Why We Can’t Let It Go’.

Corry has been named the Business News of the Year by the National Association of Business Journalists.

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