How to deal with a new journal entry

By Kennebec Journal Editor | 21 December 2017 03:23:17Editor: Satyavathi ChatterjeeKennebec, New Brunswick: A new journal is starting to roll out in New Brunswick, and the first one will be a local one.

The journal Kennebiquity is an online community that allows members to share experiences, ideas and news about the arts and culture.

The idea is to help new members understand what’s happening in their own community and what their place is in it, said the journal’s editor Kennebeacian, Satyavalath Chatterji.

“We are hoping to create a platform where new people can learn more about the local arts scene, the local culture and the local scene in general,” Chatterjisaid.

In order to launch the journal, Kennebs will need to attract a new member.

“We have to have a lot of people that are in the same boat as us,” Chatteryj said.

“And we have to be able to help them out.”

For example, they want to attract people who are looking to start a business and they need someone to teach them the ropes.

They want people that want to do a little bit of research into arts, history, anthropology and culture, and people who want to learn more.

Kennebiscooks aim to have the journal active by the end of the year.

Chatterjee said the new journal will be free and open to anyone who is interested in the arts, with a small membership fee of $10.

It will have two features, the first being that the journal will publish an article each week that is posted online.

The first article will be for people who have the ability to contribute to the journal.

The second article will include a discussion on what Kennebes work entails.

“The articles will be very general in nature, but the main focus will be on the arts,” Chatteringjee said.

“It’s going to be a fun experience for the new members.

They will have a chance to be involved in the community.”

Chatterji said he is hoping to attract 20 members, all of whom are interested in getting involved in local arts.

They are looking for people that have a strong interest in the local area and they are looking at people from all walks of life.

He hopes the members will contribute to a local arts community.

“It will be something to build on and help to help the arts community, the people who play the music, the actors, the dancers and the performers in the town,” Chatsonji said.

Kennes will also be using the money from the journal to expand its online community.

Chatterjamans website will also include a forum that members can participate in.

“Our goal is to have it be a place for all of us, to have fun and to be supportive of each other,” Chattanyji said, adding that the forum will be open to all.

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