Aussie nurse dies of head injuries after hospital incident

AUSTRALIA’S nurse who died in hospital after she fell over while performing CPR on a man who was injured in a hospital accident is being remembered for her love of the arts.

The Herald Sun has learned a former nurse was pronounced dead at the Royal Adelaide Hospital after falling over while trying to resuscitate David Hockley on Monday.

Key points:The 34-year-old man who died had a broken arm and a broken neckThe family of David Hocking says it’s a “terrible tragedy”The coroner has been informedThe man died after he was admitted to Royal Adelaide hospital with a broken shoulder, head injury and a fractured jawThe man was treated at the hospital and was pronounced deceased on Tuesday morning.

His family said it was a “tragic” tragedy.

“It is a terrible tragedy that our beloved David Hocked, who loved music, was left so tragically dead by the negligence of a nurse,” a statement said.

“He was a beloved son and brother to so many and he will be deeply missed by his many friends and family.”

David Hocking’s mother-in-law, Carol Hocking, said it is “terrific” to hear the news of her husband’s passing.

“I’m just devastated.

I’m just so relieved,” Ms Hocking said.”[David] had such a positive energy, he had so much enthusiasm and enthusiasm about everything, and just loved being around people.”

David’s wife, Lillie, said her husband was a rock star.

“We are so proud of him,” she said.

“He would love to be in his music.

I think people know his passion.”

David was born in Brisbane and moved to Melbourne when he was 12.

He attended the University of Melbourne, where he was a student of the Arts and Sciences and Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

“David loved music,” Ms Lillis said.

David was a huge fan of the Melbourne radio station QLJ.

“When I hear QLW, I hear a whole range of music and I listen to all of that, and I like listening to all those different music styles,” Ms Follie said.

He was also a big supporter of local bands.

“If you go out to see music, he would be there,” Ms Riddell said.’

A wonderful human being’David’s death comes after he suffered from multiple injuries in a major accident at the RSL in October last year.

The RSL is a multi-million dollar facility that operates out of the Royal College of Surgeons Adelaide campus.

It has more than 500 staff including more than 150 nurses and paramedics and an emergency department.

“There are many things that we have learned from the accident, but one of them is that this is a great human being,” Chief Executive of the RSCA, Professor Tim O’Brien, said.

The hospital said it has “very much learnt from the event”.

“This incident was obviously a significant event and will serve as a reminder that the safety of our patients and staff is paramount and we are committed to ensuring all our patients receive the care they need,” it said.


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