A history of Flint, Michigan

By David L. PhillipsAssociated PressAssociated PressThe story of Flint is the story of American life.

For more than 40 years, the town of Flint has stood in a valley of black, brown and brown, the largest city in Michigan in a population of just under 100,000.

Its population has dwindled to just over 700 people after it lost the city’s water system and water treatment plant to the state in the Great Lakes’ aftermath of the Flint water crisis.

Its residents and its residents’ children, in turn, are struggling to rebuild a place they can call home.

It’s been a year-long saga, with both the mayor and city officials facing accusations of racism, incompetence and deceit.

The city, in its first 100 days, is still reeling from a water crisis that forced more than 1,100 families to leave their homes and prompted a state-appointed emergency manager to take over.

In the city of nearly 60,000 people, nearly half of the population is African American.

Flint’s population of nearly 3,000 is about 6% black.

And a majority of residents in Flint are not eligible for Medicaid.

The crisis is the backdrop to a year of political and economic upheaval that has engulfed Flint, including a police officer fatally shot during a robbery and a former mayor who was charged with fraud.

Here’s a look at the Flint crisis and its aftermath:May 18, 2020The Associated PressThis article is part of NBC News’ partnership with NPR to share stories of interest to Americans on a wide variety of issues.

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The story began in earnest in March, with the Flint River’s surface becoming contaminated with lead.

Residents were warned of lead poisoning from the river, but no one knew how to stop the damage.

In April, the city switched to a new system that delivered water directly to homes.

But as the crisis escalated, the water became cloudy, cloudy, and cloudy.

A state investigation found that the city had been using lead-contaminated water for years, and officials began replacing the water system in May.

Residents say they had no choice but to drink water tainted with lead because they couldn’t afford bottled water.

By the end of June, Flint’s water was safe to drink.

In October, state and federal authorities issued an emergency declaration that made it a crime to sell or give bottled water to Flint residents.

In a series of arrests, residents, some who were still drinking water tainted by lead, said they feared their children would suffer and were forced to drink bottled water in order to get through the day.

The water system was shut down by the state and the city declared a state of emergency.

The Flint River water is now contaminated with arsenic.

In May, the governor declared a public health emergency in Flint.

That emergency lifted in October, and the state announced that Flint residents would be able to drink their water for the first time since the crisis.

The Associated Review, a statewide newspaper, reports that about 15,000 residents received bottled water from the state by the end, and that most of the remaining residents have since switched to tap water.

The AP also reports that the federal government will send a team to Flint to help clean up the city.

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