The Post: ‘My mother was so depressed, she went to the grocery store and cried’: Post columnist explains why she lost her job

A business columnist who lost her jobs in 2016 because she is white and male has written an op-ed for The New York Times saying she feels as if she has “lived in a bubble.”

Jenna Brooks wrote the op-eds for the Times, arguing that the world of journalism is changing as women are more visible and influential.

But as she pointed out in her op-eddies, the Times has yet to recognize the real problems plaguing the profession.

For example, in the Times’ “Journalistic Diversity Report,” Brooks said the news media are still not paying attention to the many female journalists who are working on important stories that impact society, including climate change and inequality.

“When I went to a public event and saw women, and I saw black women, I saw Latina women, Muslim women, the women who I thought were in the business,” Brooks wrote.

“They didn’t have the time to attend.

I did not have the luxury to attend to the issues of women, which is why I was not able to attend.”

She continued:”I felt that I did my job, but not well enough.

And when I tried to get better, I was told to take it up with the company, but I was never given a reason why.

I was always told that I was too old to be there.”

The problem is that, Brooks said, when you’re in the profession you feel like you’re doing your job, and you feel good about your job.

But when you aren’t, you’re like, ‘What am I doing?'””

And then there are women who are trying to be the ones doing it and it doesn’t feel right. “

There are women in the media who are just trying to do their job and getting paid for it.

And then there are women who are trying to be the ones doing it and it doesn’t feel right.

And that’s a problem.”

But when she was told that the Times does not consider diversity as a priority, she felt she had to do something.

“So I wrote a column,” she explained.

“I had to go back to the editor and say, ‘You know, I feel like I’m being treated this way because I’m white and I’m male and I work for a newspaper, and my family, too.

And this is wrong.'”

After a number of online and phone calls, the paper did eventually allow Brooks to publish her op and make a decision on her future.

“But I did feel like, I have to make that decision now, because I really do need to start to get my voice heard,” Brooks told The Post.

But the story is not new.

In 2016, The Atlantic’s Tina Brown wrote a book, White Women Rule: The Triumph of White Female Power in America, about how the book helped her overcome her racism and sexism in the industry.

“The only thing I have that really got me through that was my mom, and her constant telling me that if I don’t do what she says, if I do what I don’T believe, she’s going to go crazy,” Brown wrote.

Brown said she has been the target of online harassment from many people in the professional world because of her white identity.

And Brooks said she was also bullied by other women in journalism, and that it was “so painful to hear.”

“It’s not like I’ve been trying to fight against racism,” she told The Atlantic.

“It’s like, you know, it’s just like, what’s my job?

Is my job to be a woman?”

The experience was “very, very uncomfortable,” she continued.

“So I just did what I always do when I feel so strongly about something and I just started speaking out.”

Brooks said that she’s not sure what will happen next, but she is still determined to stand up for what she believes is right.

“I’m not trying to hurt anyone or to get sympathy,” she admitted.

“My job is to tell stories that are real and that people care about.”

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