What is Poughkeeps’ Sun? An editorial

article article by R.V. Srinivasan article The Times Of India, February 2, 2019 11:25:58There is a good deal of debate about whether the term ‘pough-keeps-sun’ is in any sense a colloquialism for the sun, or if it refers to something entirely different.

It seems to be a term for something that seems to emerge spontaneously in the minds of some people, as an epithet, or a noun that is being used as an adjective, or something else entirely.

In a way, it is a sort of pejorative term, a way of using the word to belittle and disparage someone.

But I think that this term is really a very accurate description of a phenomenon.

It has arisen spontaneously, like any other term.

It is not something that has been invented, nor is it a creation of some other entity.

It came into being in this way.

I am not aware of any dictionary that has an English definition for it.

Pough-Keeps-Sun is a term that was coined by a Poughkeeper named George R. Sabin in the 1950s.

He is often referred to as a pough-keeper.

In fact, in his own words, he was a “pough keeper”, but I have chosen not to give his full name to preserve his anonymity.

He was born in New York City on May 1, 1904, and went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1915.

He earned a degree in English in 1918 and became a newspaper editor there in 1922.

He served as an editorial writer in the Times of London, which had a long tradition of being the largest English-language newspaper in the world.

The newspaper’s editor at the time, Thomas G. Hill, asked him to write a piece on the weather, and Mr. Sargon was the only man in the paper to agree.

He had never heard of puffy clouds.

But his editor was so impressed by his work that he gave him the title of “poug-keep’s-sun” in a letter that he wrote to Mr. Hill.

It was in that letter that Mr. G. R. asked Mr.

Sargon to write an article on the sun.

Mr. George Sargon went on to write his own book on the subject, called “Practical Cosmology” and became the most famous poug-keeper in the English language.

This book has been translated into over sixty languages.

In it he describes how the sun is a phenomenon of nature that has evolved from a tiny sphere of energy to the immense size of the sun that it is today.

I have tried to write it as scientifically as possible.

For example, the sun has never moved through the universe, it never has touched the Earth, and there is no sun on Mars, so there is nothing in the history of the universe that has ever been produced by an accident or by the effects of an alien force.

In any case, the fact that a poug has created a term to describe the sun in a collocation with the word ‘puffy’ indicates that this is an interesting phenomenon, and that it has arisen from a very particular form of thought.

In the same way, the term “puffy clouds” is used to describe what the weather looks like at a particular time of the year.

In one sense, the word refers to the weather at that time.

In another sense, it refers also to the atmosphere, and in a third sense, to the cloud cover.

In short, the weather is something that is going on inside the atmosphere and has to do with the temperature and the humidity and the clouds.

This, of course, is a general view of the weather.

In other words, there is something to be said for this view, and I do not believe it to be completely incorrect.

Puffy clouds are not clouds that you see when you look up and down the mountains.

They are clouds that are just a little bit higher up, and when you get out of the car you can see them.

The reason for this is that the air that rises to the top of a mountain is much more dense and it is easier to see the cloud pattern at a higher altitude.

The puffy cloud is a result of the wind blowing from one direction towards another, and as the wind blows the air gets blown back down the mountain, as the air rises to a certain altitude, it moves upwards.

At the same time, there are a lot of clouds in the sky.

It takes a long time for them to form and then they come to a stop, and then the cloud disappears.

They get pushed down by the wind and then disappear.

The way they disappear is because the wind is pushing them down in the opposite direction.

When the wind pushes the clouds down, the air is pushed upwards by the sun

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